Allcover carports are a carport design and manufacturing company with an Australia wide delivery network that can deliver to almost anywhere in Australia, for 1 low delivery fee.

Dutch Gable Carport Kits

Dutch Gable Carport KitsOur Dutch Gable carports are the most stylish and modern on today’s market.

Hip Roof Carport Kits

Hip Roof Carport KitsOur unique Hip Roof Carport Kits are a personal favorite that look fantastic from every angle. It has a simple to construct design with many application options.

Traditional Gable Carport Kits

These modern design Gable carport kits are a heavy duty carport with a classic design that will compliment any property.

Skillion Carport Kits

Our Heavy Duty Skillion carport Kits are extremely versatile with many different roof pitch options to suit any modern home.

AllCover Carports

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Carports add value to your property

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Carports add value to your property

Carports add value in the property hunt

When selecting a property to buy or rent, we jump online, open a real estate app and punch in requirements. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, whether there is a pool and how many car spaces are available. Scrolling through search results properties with exposed storage areas can be a deal breaker for a prospective purchaser or tenant with a car, boat, caravan or any other valued possession that required cover in mind.

Potential buyers and tenants can narrow their search in the click of a button weeding out properties that do not match their criteria making covered spaces a commodity in the property hunt. In general uncovered car spaces are positively valued in metro areas however in regional areas don’t add as much value as sometimes thought. A covered car space can add as much as between 5,000 to 15,000 with multiple car spaces covered which is an attractive thought when the cost of the carport can be a fraction of this.

Lower cost than garages while still matching the style of your home

Carports are installed at a  much lower cost than that of garages as they are delivered with fewer parts and do not require as much attention when it comes to assembly. Keep in mind that carports can match the house it is attached to with different styles to suit and with a huge range of Colourbond colours to choose from, our carports often look like they were always there.


Because Allcover Carports are delivered as a kit and are DIY – if you need a carport installed quickly, this is the option for you. Our carport installation can take place within a few short hours. Why not give one of our estimators a call and discuss your carport requirements?