Allcover carports are a carport design and manufacturing company with an Australia wide delivery network that can deliver to almost anywhere in Australia, for 1 low delivery fee.

Dutch Gable Carport Kits

Dutch Gable Carport KitsOur Dutch Gable carports are the most stylish and modern on today’s market.

Hip Roof Carport Kits

Hip Roof Carport KitsOur unique Hip Roof Carport Kits are a personal favorite that look fantastic from every angle. It has a simple to construct design with many application options.

Traditional Gable Carport Kits

These modern design Gable carport kits are a heavy duty carport with a classic design that will compliment any property.

Skillion Carport Kits

Our Heavy Duty Skillion carport Kits are extremely versatile with many different roof pitch options to suit any modern home.

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Image Gallery of the AllCover range of D.I.Y Carports

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Welcome to our Image Gallery.

To view our Image Gallery as a slideshow, click or tap one of the images.

If you would like to order one of our DIY Carport kits, Click here or call us on 1300 7888 61.

It is our mission to be able to provide you with a carport that will compliment your property whilst adding value to your property without spending more than you have to.

AllCover Carports have designed these carports using our own in-house state of the art software to be able to provide you a simple and easy install option built with the utmost quality. Our main aim when designing these carports was to make life easy for the installer whilst bringing the customer longevity in their investment.

Using 2.4mm high tensile galvanised steel for our brackets on these deluxe model carports we also provide you with double sides apex plates which you will not find anywhere else.

We stand by our product by offering a 15-year guarantee on our steel and believe you will be extremely happy and satisfied with your purchase.

As you can see in our gallery, there are many different options when it comes to building your carport. The first thing you must do is decide which style of carport or structure will compliment your property, so take some time to look through the gallery.

A fantastic starting point is to use the same roofing system as your home, this way the styling will be consist and not look out of place. If your home has a hip end roof then a hip roof carport will compliment your property.

If your home is a Dutch Gable then a Dutch Gable Carport will suit your home or you may have a gable roof in which case a gable roof carports will better suit your property.

After many years of research and development on style, perceived looks, engineering and the life and durability of our carports and buildings, the first thing you must know is that the strength in any steel carport structure lies in the brackets and joining of its components.

As a manufacturer of componentry for the shed, carport and steel building industry for many years we have developed what we believe is a state of the art bracketry system that is second to none on the market at present and probably always will be, this is because we have improved on previous models and designs and will always continue to improve so we can offer our customers a product that they will be extremely happy with, we have made it our endeavor and our mission to listen to what the customer wants and to be able to provide an esthetically pleasing structure to suit all types of homes and roof styles.

You have 2 options, you can either bolt down onto a concrete slab using our bolt down footing bracket, this is secured to the ground using dyna bolts and a chem set chemical anchor that will weld your bolt to the concrete, this is a very strong way to secure the footings, however the most common and always will be the strongest way to secure the footings is to cast the column into footings, if you choose this option, you will be supplied with 500mm of extra length on your columns and this 500mm is to be cast into the ground as per your engineering plans provided.